FAQ’S & Answers

1. How do I know this process will work for me?

The process and possible outcomes are based on your goals, the information you provide and research into your situation.

2What is the process, and how long does it take?

The INITIAL EVALUATION (IE) can take anywhere from 30 to 45 days. You must provide the information we request and authorizations to speak with your financial institutions in order for us to figure out options. Once goals are set and we agree on a plan, we decide who does what and based on the plan we estimate how long it will take to resolve your issues.

MONTHLY – We work a month at a time on your goals which is also how we bill. How long it takes depends on the issues that come up during the process. 

MONITORING – Once a resolution is in place, the monitoring process includes regular status updates and review of documents related to final resolutions (such as permanent loan modification documents and payment histories).

3. How do you get paid/what will it cost me?

Our fee for the IE is based on your situation, for example if you are current on your mortgage.

MONTHLY –  Our fee is based on the amount of work needed and your situation.

MONITORING – The fee is generally 50% of the monthly contract fee. 

We provide each client with a separate contract for each phase which they must sign and approve in order to move forward.  HSI accepts Visa, MasterCard, and Discover as well as checks for payment.

Contact us by email info@hsitrust.org or call us at 508-304-9992